The ocean is huge. Impressive. Beautiful. Vital to our existence.

We greatly benefit from our activities on the ocean. But we have become increasingly aware that our activities also have negative impacts on the ocean. The world is rapidly changing. Reaching for sustainability - finding a balance between People, Planet and Profit - is becoming the norm.

The maritime industry is no different and is transitioning to become a sustainable sector. Consider, for example, the development and testing of cleaner technologies, alternative fuels and innovative designs to reduce the impact of the maritime industry on the environment.

Marine professionals - the people who make a living at or with the ocean like fishermen and seafarers - are making choices on a daily basis. These choices have an impact on the environment. For instance, a marine professional decides whether plastic waste remains on board or ends up in the ocean. This is just one example of how people are the key to achieve a more sustainable use of the ocean. We refer to this as the human element.

Our vision

marine professionals who are aware of their environment,
will make more sustainable choices

Marine professionals need different skills and knowledge than before. They need sufficient marine environmental awareness. Awareness is more than knowledge. Awareness is knowledge that is processed and incorporated into an individual’s mindset. It is about developing a ‘way of thinking’ and a sense of personal responsibility. You realise personal actions matter and are able to make more sustainable choices.

Our mission

Through education, we inspire marine professionals to take their responsibility in the transition to a sustainable maritime sector

To fulfil our mission, we developed a unique educational approach based on four principles:

  1. Challenge, do not accuse.
  2. Create a sense of personal responsibility.
  3. Marine conservation, social acceptance and economic viability are complementary.
  4. Use the latest insights.

ProSea has a long track record of inspiring marine professionals. We have been providing marine awareness courses since 1999 in more than 20 countries and have developed the IMO model course Marine Environmental Awareness (MC 1.38).

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UN SDG 13 Climate Action
UN SDG 14 Life below Water
UN SDG 15 Life on Land
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